All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds, LLC - 100 % Recycled Park Amenities - Houston, TX
"It's ALL for the good of the kids" - Company Message

100% Recycled Plastic Park

All Aquatics & Kids Playground

is proud to bring to you and your community our new line of
Outdoor Site Furnishings made with 100 % recycled plastics.

"It's All for the good of the kids"

 ( Click on the recycle symbol below to learn facts on recycling)

21 Milk Jugs = 1 Pound of Recycled Plastic.
3400 Milk Jugs = 1 Six foot Park Bench.
6300 Milk Jugs = 1 Six foot Picnic Table.

Click on our commercial grade products names and
become a conscientious person,
one at a time we can make a difference.

Call us for pricing and to help save our environment!

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