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Market shade canopy
funbrella Shade canopy
Funbrella® is a giant, permanent umbrella designed to stand up to the elements. Durable, retractable and easy to maintain, Funbrella® serves a multitude of purposes, beautifully! Perfectly suited to settings where natural shade isn't available--shade while you decorate public and private areas such as poolsides, leisure areas, waterparks, dining areas, and much more. Choose 12' or 20' diameter in a array of vibrant, long-lasting Sunbrella® fabrics
Shark Shade Canopy
The catenary-style top offers a clean tight appearance. Available in both easy-care acrylic fabrics and new Anchor UV Shadecloth, the Shark offers many exciting options. It uses the same framework as the Classic...A 4" aluminum center pole and standard one-piece aluminum groundsleeve with winch and cables enclosed. Bows and braces are white powder-coated steel tubing. Once you have the standard framing, you can switch tops for each season. Go Classic now and go back to Shark next season! It will give your waterpark or swimming pool a complete makeover!
palmmade Shade CanopyPALM BRELLA
Constructed of a high density polyethylene base material, this giant, 20' permanent Funbrella® top features up to 95% ultra-violet blockage! The Palm is nonretractable with a 4" diameter aluminum pole compatible with the standard Funbrella® groundsleeve. Rafters and braces are made of sturdy aluminum. Installation is a breeze because of new assembly techniques. The Palm is perfect for hardworking public areas such as parks, pools, schools and other areas where meeting structural codes is a necessity. The Palm exceeds ASCE 7-02 code for 85 mph 3-second wind gust velocity! Not only is it strong and durable, it has a new, fun appearance and is available in a variety of Anchor UV Shadecloth colors
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