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"It's ALL for the good of the kids" - Company Message
  All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds
Splash Pad Specialty Services

Filtration Upgrades
Motor/Pump Replacements
Chemical Controller Service /Repairs
Ultra Violet (UV) Replacement /Repairs
Public Interactive Water Feature (PIWF Codes)
Compliant Evaluation
PIWF Upgrades
              All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds is your one stop for Splash Pad Specialty Service.
 We have been serving splash pads and Public Interactive Water Play for many years.  Our service has been inquired by many local and Texas wide clients such as :
Pool Companies,
Home Management Companies,
Cities /Park & Rec Dept
Aquatic Centers
Home Owners Assoaastions
  even the manufactory them selfs.
                We are the only company in Texas that offers and advertises this type of services. All Aquatics & kids Playgrounds stands behind our industry and strives to service all splash pads with our affordable, fast and friendly service. Our service trucks or stocked with inventory for most types of splash pad to complete your repairs on site, right then !! To help save your budgets
                Not only can All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds design, sale, and build splash pads our technicians or trained and carry the knowledge of each manufactory
 so we can complete your repairs in a timely manner. Our service technicians can provide the knowledge and repairs of 5 different service technicians in one stop and are CPO certified.
Computer Tech
Irrigation Tech
Pool Tech  
So don't waste time by hiring 5 different
 technician, when you can get the one you need for less !!!!

 All Aquatics & kids playground has sucussfully serviced many types, makes, sizes and manufacturers of splash pads from
single pass systems to full filtration systems and everything in between.
Here is a list of manufacturers we service and many more.
Rain DropWaterSplashwizardsworksWaterOVortexARCwater playh2o
Rain Deck
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