All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds, LLC - Surfacing - Houston, TX
"It's ALL for the good of the kids" - Company Message
                                BY ALL AQUATICS KIDS PLAYGROUNDS

      All Aquatics & Kids Playgrounds is a customer representative dealer and certified installer for the Texas area and were proud to bring this great product to market. This product has out performed all others of it kind. Just scroll down a see for yourself. If any question or need a customers representative feel free to contact us and we will be here to help. 
                     BEFORE                                                         AFTER
      BORING and TIRED                                            FUN and FRESH

Watch as our certified Aquasoft crews make it look easy, Most projects under 2000 square foot can be completed in one day and after cure time usable in 3 days!!!!!

Aquasoft comes in 18 different colors with a selection of four colors to choose from to brighten your play areas.


So weather it to replace an exist failed surface or to update you park, playground or Splash Pad give us a call and we can help.

 Acrylic coating texture with a chose of 12 colors to give many years of color and designs! 


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